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Dr. Denmark Said it!
Advice to Mother's from America's Most Experienced Pediatrician


"Who in the world knows what's best for my baby?"


"You do!" says Dr. Leila Denmark.


"If mothers would just use their brains and take responsibility, they would know what to do for their children."

In our fast-changing culture, moms can become thoroughly confused and frustrated by conflicting child care advice.

In Madia Bowman's newly revised book, "Dr. Denmark Said It!", the legendary centenarian pediatrician with over seventy-five years of practice guides a mother of eleven with time-tested common sense.


A mother from Taiwan shared these thoughts regarding Dr. Denmark's advice...

Dear Mrs. Bowman,
Thank you so much for helping us on training our daughter, Caitlyn, to sleep through the nights. She is a very healthy and happy three and a half month old baby! Not only it's great for her development, but also we can have a very peaceful and joyful home with her.

The Well Fed, Well Rested Baby DVD

Dr. Denmark's Newborn Routine


This DVD, produced by Tim and Windy Echols, is a welcome addition to the Caring for Kids, Inc. product line.  It outlines the first seven months of caring for your baby using Dr. Denmark's Newborn Routine dealing with issues like:

How to get your baby to sleep through the night.

How to make sure your baby is well fed.

How to position your baby for healthy sleep.

How and when to start baby food.

How to train your baby to successful toddlerhood.

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