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"Dr. Denmark Said It!"

Advice to Mothers from America's Most Experienced Pediatrician

by Madia Linton Bowman


Here is the Introduction from "Dr. Denmark Said It!":


"I would never claim that my methods are the only correct ones, nor presume to tell another physician that his advice was all wrong. In the final analysis parents must decide for themselves what they think is best for their child. However, I will say this: I have practiced pediatrics successfully for over seventy-five years. During that time I have found that these methods have worked for me and my patients. Suppose you asked me for directions for downtown Atlanta. I would tell you the roads I have taken to arrive there safely. In the same way, I share with you my experience in caring for children."

-Leila Denmark


For over seventy-five years, thousands of children were lovingly treated by Dr. Leila Denmark. Their concerned, confused, and tired mothers benefited from her advice. They came away encouraged, admonished, with practical suggestions for tending ailing youngsters and wise counsel for living.


In our fast-changing culture, moms can be thoroughly confused by conflicting information. Modern child psychology, trendy pediatrics, and shifting views on nutrition contribute to frustrated parenting.


Dr. Denmark offered a breath of sanity in the midst of confusion. She encouraged mothers to "look for the obvious" and "use their own minds", thus guiding them through the maze of advice from so-called experts. Her counsel is not simply a reflection of the latest medical journal. Instead, her recommendations are largely based on decades of successful medical practice. Dr. Denmark's counsel is time-tested.


I found that the hours I spent in Dr. Denmark's clinic were not only useful from the standpoint of receiving practical medical advice, but they afforded a fascinating glimpse into the past.  Having grown up in the early part of the twentieth century, her perspective on family life reflects an earlier, perhaps healthier social era in America when more families looked to the holy Scriptures as their guide for life and practice. 


In 1990, I determined to compile some of Dr. Denmark's medical wisdom. My original goal was to add an appendix to her book, Every Child Should Have a Chance. When approached about the project, she had another idea.
"Mrs. Bowman, you take what I've said and write it down. Add some of your own insights. You're the mother of five [now eleven] children. You know something. Write your own book." She paused thoughtfully, "Maybe you can help somebody." So that's what I've done.


Unless otherwise specified, all the medical advice contained herein comes directly from Dr. Denmark. Medications, treatments, daily routines, and diets are her recommendations. I've included a number of personal letters that attest to their practicality. As for the child-rearing philosophy, it's my own, developed through study of the Bible and personal experience as well as numerous conversations with Dr. Denmark. I hope you will enjoy her words of wisdom that appear in italics throughout the text.

I also hope that those who read these pages will be encouraged to look to the greatest Physician, Christ Jesus, as He is revealed in the Bible. He is the one who blessed me with Dr. Denmark as mentor, and He is ultimately the only one who can bring true healing to body and soul. My prayer is that this book will indeed "help somebody."

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