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A Chinese mother living in Australia shared these thoughts...

“This book by Madia is so specific and exactly what I needed… Now Josh is a very energetic, happy and healthy boy. My mother- in- law saw the difference, and couldn't believe it, but she saw the DIFFERENCE!  I really want to thank Dr. Denmark and Madia for contributing their knowledge and wisdom into others.  You guys are doing a great deed!”

- Nina Chen, Australia


Here's what one mother has to say about Dr. Denmark's work:

"I truly believe God put Dr. Denmark on earth not only to heal children and educate parents, but also to encourage mothers in their line of duty. She has lifted me up and made me feel that what I'm doing is the greatest 'job' I could ever have."

- Nancy Eldrege, Lithia Springs, Georgia

What others are saying about the book...

"... You will silently thank God for the excellent work Madia Bowman has accomplished.  Her eight years in researching, writing, and focusing on Dr. Denmark's thoughts and philosophies will save you time, effort, and a lot of unnecessary heartache."

- Dr. Robert A. Rohm, Atlanta, Georgia


"Thank you for this wonderful book about Dr. Denmark.  She has changed my life as a mother and has made parenting a true joy..."

- S. Bussman, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


"Your book is an answer to prayer!  Every mom needs this book!!"

- L. Nunley, Pensacola, Florida

"I have read it and am amazed by all the information I have gotten from the book.  It will be a wonderful reference tool to help us raise our six children."

- P. Cawley, Gay, Georgia

"Dear Mrs. Bowman, six of us have gone together to purchase your book.  We are so glad that someone has done this!  Dr. Denmark is such a blessing!"

- B. Holland, Athens, Georgia


Dr. Denmark Testimonials


Read the introduction from, "Dr. Denmark Said It!"



Regarding this book, Dr. Denmark said:

"Mrs. Bowman has taken great care to accurately reflect my child training philosophy and medical recommendations. She is a good mother with eighteen years [now thirty-six] of homemaking experience. Her children have been my patients. This book has developed from real questions which have come up as she has dealt with her children. It is extremely practical, and a valuable tool for any mother."


- Dr. Leila Daughtry Denmark, Alpharetta, Georgia -1998

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