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Dr. Denmark Said it!

Advice to Mother's from America's Most Experienced Pediatrician
by Madia Linton Bowman


This book contains the essentials of the pediatric advice of Dr. Leila D. Denmark, America’s most experienced pediatrician and longest practicing doctor.


Click here to read more about Dr. Denmark and the difference she has made in the medical community.


Also included are insights from Madia Bowman developed from her thirty-year experience of rearing eleven children, while being advised and mentored by Dr. Leila Denmark. In addition to routine childcare counsel received, many hours of personal interviews with Dr. Denmark were held on a wide variety of topics dealing with family health issues and priorities. Extensive direct quotes are included in the book, and testimonials of mothers whose children were
"saved" by the doctor's care. 



Inside this 300-page book, you will find...


  • systematic child care recommendations

  • treatment of common ailments and illnesses

  • Dr. Denmark's view of S.I.D.S., Reye's Syndrome, and vaccinations

  • Denmark-approved dietary info and recipes

  • discussion of parenting priorities

  • questions and answers from Dr. Denmark

  • testimonials from moms

  • analysis of appropriate entertainment

  • a short biography of Denmark's remarkable life

  • a full index, cross-referenced for easy use

  • Madia's personal maxims

Chapter titles in "Dr. Denmark Said It!"


  • Care of Infants

  • Danger Signs Indicating Emergency

  • Common Ailments

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Fever

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Antibiotics

  • Allergies

  • Dr. Denmark's Medicine Cabinet

  • A Mother's Presence

  • Nutrition and Health Habits

  • What is Needful?

  • Vaccinations

  • Story Time

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