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Advice to Mother's from America's Most Experienced Pediatrician 
by Madia Bowman

Dr. Denmark Said it! - New Edition

  • The book contains the essentials of the pediatric advice of Dr. Leila D. Denmark, America’s most experienced pediatrician and longest practicing doctor- seventy-five years. Click here to read more about Dr. Denmark and the difference she has made in the medical community.

    Also included are insights from Madia Bowman in her experience of rearing eleven children. Included are chapters on the care of infants, common childhood ailments, allergies, digestive disorders, a biographical sketch of Dr. Denmark, her approach to wellness and keeping children healthy, testimonials of mothers whose children were ‘saved’ by the doctor’s care, and questions and answers on vaccinations.

    The book is based on 24 years of reliance upon Dr. Denmark as the primary care pediatrician for eleven children, as well as many hours of extensive interviews on a wide variety of topics dealing with children’s health issues. Extensive direct quotes are included in the book.

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